CLERMONT — A man called police Saturday afternoon from his home on Greystone Drive to report that his wife was chasing him with a crowbar.

According to an arrest report, she also bit him and slammed his hand in a door.

When officers arrived, Jeffrey Lewis, 50, said that he had locked himself in his bedroom to get away from his wife, Tracey Lewis, 57, who was screaming at him.

Jeffrey Lewis stated that his wife began to bang on the door, and after the third bang, she broke through with a crowbar.

He said he was able to escape through a sliding glass door that led to the backyard, where he was again cornered by his wife.

Lewis reported that his wife ripped his shirt and bit him on the hand.

Tracey Lewis reportedly admitted breaking through the bedroom door with a crowbar. She told officers that her husband had been drinking the previous night and she was trying to prevent him from driving while intoxicated.

She also told officers that she only bit Lewis because he grabbed her and had her in a headlock and she was trying to escape.

Both Jeffrey and Tracey Lewis were arrested after officers determined it was a mutual altercation.

They were transported to the Lake County Jail.

They were charged with domestic battery and are expected to appear in court for arraignment on Jan. 5.