When it comes to big cities, Alicia Kaye has a knack for succeeding.

Born in Canada but living in Clermont, Kaye, 30, won the female professional division at Sunday’s 2014 Panasonic New York City Triathlon. The race, in which nearly 4,000 pro, elite, amateur and physically challenged athletes competed, was the third straight win for Kaye.

Her time of 1:54.52 was over four minutes better than second-place winner Radka Vodickova of Orlando. Participants had to swim nine-tenths of a mile in the Hudson River, bike 25 miles on the Henry Hudson Parkway and run 6.2 miles in Central Park.

Kaye, who trains at the National Training Center in Clermont, began participating in triathlons when she was 11 years old. She became a professional at the age of 14. As punishment when she was young, her older brother Colin would make her do triathlon’s around their home. They would swim in their pool, then ride and run laps around the house.

She completed her undergraduate degree in sports psychology and in the process, met fellow triathlete and now husband, Jarrod Shoemaker. Since meeting Shoemaker, Kaye has been competing for the United States and received her master’s degree in athletic counseling.

What Kaye loves most about the sport is that she gets to be her own boss and in control of her own schedule. And, of course, getting to be physically active for a living. With that, Kaye has learned the essence of balance and patience from competing in triathlons over the years.

When she’s not racing all over the country, Kaye works as a mental trainer and also runs a skincare business with her husband called Endurance Shield.

Aside from Philadelphia, Minneapolis and New York City, Kaye has participated this year in the South Beach Triathlon (3rd), the St. Anthony’s Triathlon (4th) and the Cap Tex Triathlon (2nd).

Next up, the Chicago Triathlon on Aug. 24, which she won last year.

After Chicago, Kaye will be competing in the Hy Vee 51.50 Championship on Aug. 30 and the Oceanside Triathlon on Oct. 26.