TAVARES — Lake County Commissioner Leslie Campione on Monday proposed a way to mitigate the pain of high impact fees on existing residents seeking to build homes in older neighborhoods.

Addressing the School Board, Campione said she has mulled the the issue of new development and its effect on the school district without creating “inequities to existing residents who may want to build a new home on an existing lot.

When an existing resident seeks to build a home and is saddled with an additional $9,324 in school impact fees, it may affect their ability to secure a loan,  Campione said.

So Campione outlined a proposal Monday that would keep the school impact fees at their highest levels – $9,324 for a new single home – but would give impact fee waivers to those who want to build on infill lots and on small parcels within three miles of a city hall and within two miles of a school in older neighborhoods.